Injection solutions?

Information relating to injection of cracks / faults with foams, gels and resins.

Injection solutions?

Postby Dave Martin » Thu May 19, 2011 11:28 am

I am responsible for managing an underground car park. About two years ago we had some foam injected to stop water leaks from above, but about a year ago it started leaking again. I need to do something about the leaks but am not keen on just having another temporary fix. Any ideas?
Dave Martin
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Re: Injection solutions?

Postby Scott-Koster » Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:38 pm

When repairing water-bearing cracks the water must be stopped using a foam resin. This will stop the water but will not permanently seal the cracks, which is perhaps were the crack injection carried out has gone wrong. In order to seal the cracks you must inject a solid body resin to seal the crack permanently. With Köster KB-Pur 2 IN 1 the material comes into contact with water and reacts to form highly elastic foam. Under dry conditions, the material reacts to form an elastic solid body resin, thus having two effects in one product. Therefore you can inject a wet crack with the Köster KB-Pur 2 IN 1 to stop the water leaking then inject the same material twenty minutes later to force back the foam and fill the crack with a permanently elastic solid body resin. Using Köster KB-Pur 2 IN 1, water bearing cracks can be sealed permanently and safely with just one material. ... ction.html
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